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FastFreeze is a pain relief heat rub, much like Icy Hot and BenGay, designed to relieve pain associated with muscle strains, sprains, backaches, bruises and cramps, and arthritis pains. FastFreeze offers dual action pain relief; it immediately gets cool to numb the pain and warms to ease it. It can be used as an alternative to oral muscle pain relievers, or even in conjunction with injury rehab treatments or cryotherapy.
FastFreeze Gel

Rub it on, and rub the pain away; the non-greasy gel provides total coverage and acts fast to dull sore areas. It is also perfect for arthritis as well.

FastFreeze Roll-On

Feel the freeze as you naturally relieve pain; experience more heat and less mess with the FastFreeze Roll-On applicator.
FastFreeze Spray

When pain hits, it’s not always at the most convenient location, but now you can freeze pain from any angle with this accurate, quick drying spray.
FastFreeze On-The-Go Spray

The On-The-Go spray is small enough to fit easily in your pack or gym bag, or even on your carry-on luggage.